University of Lahore

Tariq Ahmad Shah

Head of Department

The prime and dominant principles which we advocate and teach to our graduates are honesty, ethics and kindness. I feel great pleasure to congratulate you on choosing the most academically inspiring, and rewarding, educational experience of your life. At College of Law, our programs have expanded to the LLB to include LLM, and offer various courses for professional development.

The main objective of the Law Department is to cultivate the spirit of research, philosophy of integrated learning, values of honesty, advocacy, reliability and commitment to the cause of justice. We are devoted to strive for the human dignity, social justice and civil rights through disseminating the knowledge of law. Our aim is to produce proficient legal professionals who are not only theoretically sound and ethically cognizant but who also accept an obligation with strong human passion to serve the community.

We work closely with the industry for the convergence of the legal education and practice, to develop the new methodologies in the legal education and to grow the legal culture in Pakistan. We pursue an advance and comprehensive world-class curriculum in accordance with the needs and requirement of international standards.

By joining us as a student at College of Law, I can guarantee that the substance, knowledge, analytical acumen and skills you gain and build over the years to come will form and support your professional objectives, whatever they may be.

Welcome to the College of Law, The University of Lahore.

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