University of Lahore

Lawyers are expected to be highly adaptive to new situations and their problem-solving skills ought to be exemplary. These skills obviously do not come to them naturally; rather they have to be acquired through the legal knowledge gained through education.

College of Law, through its Bachelors program, aims to give this knowledge to young minds, if they seek to pursue a career in the legal profession. Pakistan’s legal society is large only the most hard-working and able minded prevail over the others and for them, there are no limits to what they can achieve through this profession. The extensive courses offered by the College of Law focus on not only giving the young scholars the necessary tools to begin a legal career but are also designed to add to their knowledge so that their vision increases vis-à-vis other aspects of life. given the fact that law is inextricably intertwined with all other fields of activity.

The College proposes to achieve this goal in the highest standard with the help of senior practitioners of Law who will not only teach the students but also offer their personal expertise to help them to understand law and its practice much more effectively.

Dean Message

What is Law? It is something that governs our lives, whether we know of it or not. We see it everywhere, be it from as little as traffic lights to a criminal being prosecuted for his crimes. Whole countries are governed by laws and without them, there would be total anarchy.

HOD Message

The prime and dominant principles which we advocate and teach to our graduates are honesty, ethics and kindness. I feel great pleasure to congratulate you on choosing the most academically inspiring, and rewarding, educational experience of your life. At College of Law, our programs have expanded to the LLB to include LLM, and offer various courses for professional development.