University of Lahore

Justice (Retd) Muhammad Bilal Khan


What is Law? It is something that governs our lives, whether we know of it or not. We see it everywhere, be it from as little as traffic lights to a criminal being prosecuted for his crimes. Whole countries are governed by laws and without them, there would be total anarchy.

But law is a complicated area. For it to be effectively utilized. It has to be understood at its very basic level. Who can truly understand it? Laymen know of law’s existence and they follow it But they do not understand it. The ones who can are the lawyers, Lawyers understand the law and they help laymen to apply it. Without lawyers, no one can truly understand the law, And that is why University of Lahore has introduced the Law faculty.
University of Lahore, established in 1999 is now one of the most reputable universities in Pakistan, with their most noteworthy programs such as Business, Engineering, Media and most of all, Medicine. Medicine is about saving lives but lives need to be governed too. And that’s when the Chairman of the University thought of introducing Law.

I wholeheartedly welcome you to this new addition to the University of Lahore, i.e. the Law Department. Together with my fellow learned staff, I will endeavor to help the willing young students to transform and revolutionize our society through their acquired legal skills and change the framework of the legal structure so that the law society of this country could help the laymen translate and understand law.

Our Bachelors in Law (LLB) Program (3-year & 5-year) is set to make and mold young minds. To do that, our law department, which has vast knowledge and practical experience in the field will help these minds in a way so that they understand law better and become part of the change in Pakistan by helping those in need of guidance to navigate through the complex structure of law

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