About Us

Law is a field, which is in a state of constant evolution, given the frequent changes in the mindsets and ideas throughout the world. Given its fluid nature, it becomes a highly competitive arena.

Our History

Lawyers are expected to be highly adaptive to new situations and their problem-solving skills ought to be exemplary. These skills obviously do not come to them naturally; rather they have to be acquired through the legal knowledge gained through education.

Our Mission

To cultivate a new generation of lawyers who will help the stagnant legal society to evolve, to match the high international standards and revolutionize the legal profession with their acquired knowledge and skills. They will not only build a bright future for themselves but will also help the country as well by providing up to date guidance to the government and the ordinary people. Suitable for industry executives, bank executives, engineers, health service professionals, public departments and educationist who seek to complement their existing degrees with a PG Diploma, B.Com or M.Com. These degrees will ensure career advancement and provide an understanding of the changing business environment.

Dean Message

What is Law? It is something that governs our lives, whether we know of it or not. We see it everywhere, be it from as little as traffic lights to a criminal being prosecuted for his crimes. Whole countries are governed by laws and without them, there would be total anarchy.

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